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I was French born in late 1965 and first after two years ‘naturalized’ to the Dutch nationality of my parents when we left France in 1967. Through my marriage with Nicolas Berggruen whom I married in 2012 I have since a few years besides the Dutch citizenship also the American one. From birth to middle adolescence I grew up internationally within the protective boundaries of the ‘military world’ because of my Father’s work as NATO Officer for the Dutch Royal Air Force. As such I grew up in a multinational environment which was a world in itself; a world with its own rules and rituals within the bigger outside world of society. At the age of 17 in the summer of 1983 I moved on my own from Germany to the Netherlands to finish high school. By that time my life was influenced in many ways by this mixed upbringing in European and Asian cultures as well did the American culture have a great impact.

When I arrived in the Dutch capital in 1985 to start college I moved into my first own apartment and studied first for 2 years at the Free University of Amsterdam for Teacher Training where I finished BA Teacher degrees in both English Language & Literature (1986) and German Language & Literature (1986). After a year of successful certificated Master programs (1987) in both studies I switched to the University of Amsterdam for Scientific Research Training. There I achieved BA Exam certificates in several fields of Historical Sciences (1988/89) including one in American (History) Studies (1988). I then moved to the faculty of Literary Sciences for a scientific BA degree in German Language & Literary Theory (1990) to accomplish after that a Doctoral Exam degree as in an MSc degree in Communication Science (1994) at the faculty of Political and Social-Cultural Sciences whereby I specialized in (Cultural) Media Studies with focus upon Film- and Television Science. My intention was to start a career in the latter sub-field yet I ended up working in the field of Information Studies which was another part of my scientific training besides Public Studies and Communication Research with Applied Statistical Mathematics.
After university I began my first career in the ICT (Information Communication Technology) whereby I specialized in Database Marketing. As such I worked in (Top) Management and Business Consultancy positions for both commercial organizations and NGOs. Meanwhile I also did many advanced certificated professional courses and training for further learning and promotion at work and I worked voluntarily as Secretary and Vice-Chair at the Board of an insurance company for 2 terms of 4 years each (1995-2003). Unfortunately after a severe car accident my life changed completely causing an abrupt end of my career in business and my life turned into a swirl of some unexpected (spiritual) experiences blessing me with a new scientific era to explore what goes beyond our comprehension for I suddenly found myself in the midst of concepts of the Unconsciousness, Near Death and Out-of-Body Experiences during a period of long (life) rehabilitation.
As a result of this change I left Amsterdam after 23 years to fulfil one of my dreams and I immigrated in 2008 to Berlin, a transition that did not go without complication for while I was settling down I was quite surprised even in disbelief when it turned out that my life was threatened with disease and I received the news that I was dying and only had three more months to live. Fortunately in early 2007 I got acquainted with Chakras Healing and while I followed the traditional advice of radical treatment I decided to combine it with daily Self-Healing on my Chakras which concept I did not quite understand at the time but when I finally got the ‘inkling’ in 2009 my health started to change with immense positive results and ever since then Chakras work is part of my daily routine. In the almost 9 years of my Berlin period I found thus a new direction and while recovering I built up a new life with lots of self-brain-training and as such studied at many other institutions (2009-2010) to gather my thinking and unusual experiences also in a more structured way when I observed and analyzed myself as being my own research object during my PhD Study in ESP Psychology (2009-2014).  
Parallel in 2010 I did all kinds of new professional training in order to be able to set up my own online personal coaching business to work from home which resulted in 2011 in my online company MP ONEONONE for Personal Coaching, a Concept whereby I combined ‘Business, Science & Spirituality’. In 2013 I added as Subsidiary to my business MP ESP RESEARCH for my PhD Research and doctoral dissertation in ESP Psychology. Then in 2017 I relocated to New York as such I dissolved the company in Berlin.
After that I transformed the concept of MP ONEONONE into the charity MP PRO DEO PROJECTS and continued this until the end of 2019 to express my activities already more into the direction of merely creative production work. In 2020 I decided to focus my attention mainly on Research, Writing and Creative Work and to publish its outcomes through my new project MP BOOK PUBLISHING. And my current project is thus this one MP PEONY CREATIONS which I launched on 23 January 2023 as my new ‘Holding’. My organization of structure will change then for MPONEONONE becomes a Subsidiary of MP PEONY CREATIONS along with MP ESP RESEARCH. My project MP BOOK PUBLISHING will continue as a small business company.
Besides my own projects I wanted to publish in 2023 a co-author book ‘The Brain Research on Telepathy’ with my Spouse Nicolas Berggruen and Neuro Scientist Dr. Antonio Damasio on a Telepathy research in reference to my brain in connection to my Husband’s brain; a project that was initiated and sponsored by my Husband. Unfortunately parties could not come to a satisfying legal agreement therefore the book has not been published. Since all gathered data concerning my person and my brain belongs in my legal ownership I have decided to select some relevant results and use it for my own research (books) and as such share some of the interesting findings. Of course my Husband may change his mind and opt for a re-negotiation to cooperate with me on the matter but then I will come up with a new concept which can be integrated in a possible future cooperation to serve in the first place my studies and research theories I mention below. So as for book writing and any other projects all personal research data concerning me will only be used by me for my own research and all its scientific (spiritual/brain) work will only be independently published by my own book publishing.
So currently  I am still working further on my own ESP Research and Soul Theory for book productions and in that context I may start in September 2024 at New York University with a for me special developed program for a BSc degree in Astrophysics and a PhD degree in Astronomy to extend my theories with new findings. The negotiations on this are not finished yet but in case we come to a mutual (legal) agreement both studies including its research will be sponsored by my Husband whereby he may participate as Extraneus to be my Sparring Partner during workshops and lectures.
Since 2019 I am not only solely a Cat-Mom but I became a Mother as well. We have today nine children of our own. Our main residence is in New York City with oversees attachments in Europe. For more specific details about me and my life, my career, further education including a list of my scientific papers and dissertations I refer to MP BACKGROUND and MP SCIENTIFIC WORK and for my books see MP BOOK PRODUCTS.

Dr. Michèle Pascale
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